Steven S. Konowitz

Responsive, Proactive General Counsel: A True Trusted Advisor

Steven is a business advisor who also happens to be an attorney. Steven’s years of experience serving as general counsel for a major, multinational firm has provided him with the unique ability to immediately analyze a situation, and arrive at the heart of any corporate or legal matter. Steven’s responsive, take-charge approach means that he provides his clients with a prompt, realistic and thorough assessment of their options, takes appropriate action, and marshals and orchestrates the necessary resources to resolve the matter. Steven is best known for his proactive development of preventative legal practices that help his clients achieve their business goals—without undue disruption to their business or personal lives.

Steven is an attorney and counselor at law who specializes in being a True General Counsel, an “in-house counsel that is independent.” Steven, as a General Counsel, is able to offer innovative, aggressive and practical advice with business savvy, strategy and experience, provide knowledgeable interpretations of regulations and statutes, and act as a risk assessment expert. As an “in-house counsel that is independent,” Steven specializes in representing privately held businesses, who have not yet embraced the benefits of utilizing a General Counsel, ranging in size from $3,000,000 to $25,000,000 in gross revenue; although Steven has represented businesses with significantly more and less than this range, including several international companies. Steven advises his clients in connection with business formation, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, international business transactions, financing, venture capital transactions, franchising, licensing and distributorship matters, stock option plans and general business planning.

Realistic, Tenacious Litigator

Steven’s reputation as a tenacious litigator, and aggressive practitioner has been earned from years of experience winning cases involving locally and nationally recognized firms. Steven’s strategic approach and thorough preparation of his clients before, during and after a case ensures that they are well prepared: “no detail is too small!” As a result, his clients are better able to make realistic and timely decisions involving their case—every step of the way.

Steven has extensive civil litigation experience in the District, Superior and Federal District and Appeals Courts. Steven has litigated actions, both here in Massachusetts and throughout the United States, in many areas including breach of contract, intellectual property rights, unfair competition, employment discrimination and wrongful termination, as well as real estate, residential and commercial construction.

Seasoned General Practitioner

Steven also has more than thirty years experience as a seasoned general practitioner who advises his clients in planning their estates, drafting business succession plans, and organizing and managing various types of family trusts. He also has extensive experience in the planning, structuring and closing of purchases and sales of real property transactions.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Steven graduated from Boston University and George Washington University Law School. Practicing since 1972, he formed the partnership of Konowitz & Greenberg, P.C. in 1988. Steven currently is a member and an ambassador for the SBANE Members’ Committee, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Stand Up! for Women’s Safety, and serves as a permanent invited guest to the Newton Crime Prevention Commission.

Steven Konowitz Interview on Winning Business Radio, with Host Kevin Hallinan

Steven discusses his path to success as an entrepreneur and counselor at law. He shares his story of a modest upbringing outside of Boston to his journey of growing his law practice, Konowitz & Greenberg. Steven discusses the keys to his success and the strategies he still uses on a daily basis to ensure winning outcomes in all aspects of his life.

Introductory Phone Call

Call me when: If you know a person or a business owner who is caught off guard/caught in the crosshairs, especially if they are owed or owe money and they need to talk with someone – call me.


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