Karen K. Greenberg

Karen K. Greenberg has been practicing law for more than 30 years, concentrating on all family related issues. A 1983 graduate of Suffolk Law School, cum laude, Karen joined forces with her brother, and the two created Konowitz & Greenberg in 1988.

It is no secret that Karen went to law school, after teaching elementary school for eight years, to get pregnant. The pregnancy never happened. Nevertheless, Karen has three (grown!!) children, who taught her more about life than anything she could have possibly experienced while pregnant.

The creation of Karen’s family was the foundation for her study of adoption law. Since her first child, Karen has been active in adoption and family building law. A founding member and past president of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Technology Attorneys, Karen has grown her practice always with her focus on what is in the best interests of the child.

Karen’s concern about the best interests of children led her to develop a practice devoted to high conflict custody cases, be it stemming from a divorce, paternity, adoption, guardianship, grandparent visitation or assisted reproductive technology.

Karen’s practice has grown to focus on the troubling and crisis issues in matters which concern the dissolution of relationships between spouses, partners, significant others and family members.

Matters that come under the umbrella of family law are often characterized by stressful behaviors, unsettling procedures and often unknown or unexpected outcomes. As a result, Karen knows how critical it is to retain the right practitioner to represent you, guide you and empower you through your circumstances. Karen is known to say to a new client, “I’m your new best friend, if you let me.”

Karen, being Karen, cannot not help but practice intensely personally, and create attorney-client relationships which are deep and honest (sometimes brutally so).

Karen’s years of practice have taught her that the operative words to a good working and productive relationship are “…if you let me.”

Think about that!

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Contested Adoptions

As a leading industry expert in the field of adoption law, Karen recently co-authored and published a book, Contested Adoptions: A Lawyer’s Guide to All Sides. The guide explains the basics of an uncontested adoption and steps that can help keep it that way.


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