Family Law

K&G knows that when you are facing a divorce, custody dispute, modification, child relocation, spousal or child support, or any other family law matter, you are facing one of the toughest and most emotional challenges in your life that will impact both you and your family. At K&G, we have successfully handled family law matters for over 30 years and we are committed to achieving the best solutions and results for you. Our experienced, understanding, and supportive attorneys will not only provide you with legal representation, but they will guide and support you as you navigate the process.


The process of divorce is complicated, intricate, and emotional and is one that can have a lasting impact on you, your family, and your finances. They can be highly contentious or amicable and issues vary from situation to situation. At K&G, we recognize these complexities and difficulties and seek to minimize the disruption to your life during the divorce process. No matter what route the process takes, whether it be negotiation, mediation, or litigation, K&G’s experienced and compassionate attorneys will be there for you every step of the way. We will work with you as a team to find the most practical solution for your situation so that you can move forward in a positive way.

Child Custody, Child Support & Parenting Plans

K&G knows that your children are your number one concern and we will work with you to preserve their best interests. We are prepared to address custody, child support, visitation, and any other issue that affects your children. Every situation and child is unique and here at K&G, our seasoned family law attorneys help you navigate the situation and achieve a resolution that works best for you and your children.


Things change and life is full of surprises. When things change, you might need a modification. No matter what you are seeking a modification for, whether it be of child support, custody, alimony, or a parenting plan, K&G is here to help you address the changes in your or your child’s life.


Every adoption is nuanced and unique in its complexity, but K&G has a proven 30 year track record of successfully handling all types of adoption matters. We will be here to educate you on the process, its requirements, and any hurdles particular to your case that need to be overcome. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for our clients throughout the adoption process.

Other Areas In Family Law

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Grandparent and third party visitation
  • Child relocation
  • Adult adoption

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