Konowitz & Greenberg, Attorneys at Law

Business Law
At Konowitz & Greenberg, P.C., we specialize in helping small to medium-size businesses succeed by providing a proactive approach that focuses on strategic planning, rather than reacting to legal disputes as they arise. We develop preventative practices around our clients’ business processes that head-off legal issues before they arise. Our years of experience working with both entrepreneurs and multinational firms gives us a unique understanding of how businesses operate. An important part of our total service offering includes coordinating with our clients’ advisory team and recommending other professional advisors. This approach is often lacking in other attorney-client relationships, but in our experience provides the most effective total solution to our clients’ legal issues. Contact us for more information about Konowitz & Greenberg’s business law services, and a free initial consultation.

When disputes arise in business or civil matters, it is important to hire a legal team that not only knows the law, but also understands the economic impact of litigation. An effective attorney needs to consider the overall financial impact to your business and personal life, while choosing the best resolution to assist you in meeting your corporate and personal goals. At Konowitz & Greenberg, P.C., we have years of experience winning cases against nationally recognized firms that has earned us a reputation as effective, tenacious litigators. Contact us for more information and a free initial consultation.

Employment Law
Disputes between employers and employees jeopardize the profits and profitability of businesses. The goal of both parties is to resolve disputes as promptly and cost-effectively as possible. Konowitz & Greenberg, PC represents employers and employees in disputes related to discrimination, harassment, wage and hour claims, wrongful termination, and employee status disputes. Contact us for more information, or for a free initial consultation with one of our employment law attorneys.

Trust and Estate Administration
So often the last thing people think about is estate planning—or passing along wealth to their families in the event of their death. At Konowitz & Greenberg, P.C., our personal approach and open lines of communications has helped many clients to take the necessary step of completing their estate plans, and putting their affairs in order. This gives them peace of mind knowing that their families will be provided for.  Contact us for more information and to arrange for a free initial consultation regarding your trust and estate administration needs.

Family Law: Adoption and Divorces
Konowitz & Greenberg, P.C. understands that adoptions and divorces can be challenging transitions for families. We help families successfully navigate both routine and more complex adoption and divorce cases—our goal being to minimize disruption to our clients’ daily lives throughout the adoption and divorce process. Our success in the adoption area has earned Konowitz & Greenberg, P.C. a national reputation—especially regarding contested adoptions. We represent both families and agencies, and also serve as an expert witness if called upon to do so. Contact us for information, and a free initial consultation to discuss your adoption or divorce issues.

Real Estate Law
In today’s volatile real estate market, an attorney needs to understand all aspects of the real estate market to provide the most effective advice regarding real estate transactions. Konowitz & Greenberg P.C. attorneys understand the real estate market from years of experience working with bankers, real estate and mortgage brokers. We help clients with financing, and lease and purchase of both commercial and residential properties.  We also assist with condominium law, and disputes among condominium owners. Contact us for more information and a free initial consultation.